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Introduction to the society

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Shaanxi Civil Engineering and Architecture Society (SCEAS) is the predecessor of Shaanxi Civil Engineering and Architecture Society, which was founded in Yan 'an in January 1942,In 1953, Xi 'an Branch of China Civil Engineering Society was established,In 1954, Xi 'an Branch of Architectural Society of China was founded,In 1959, the two sessions were renamed Shaanxi Civil Engineering Society and Shaanxi Architectural Society respectively,Set up a council,Office of the Peace Department。The activities were suspended during the Cultural Revolution。It resumed its activities in October 1978 and was renamed Shaanxi Civil Architecture Society in 1986。Now the 12th Council (Chairman Xue Zengjian)。

The society has 2 offices (secretariat and office), a total of 45 branches, including 30 professional committees, 4 branches, 11 working committees。Specifically for building weak electricity, building electrical, building construction, building structure, HVAC, thermal power, building materials, earthquake engineering, building energy, urban underground infrastructure construction, intelligent building, soil mechanics and foundation, information technology, prefabricated building, building energy efficiency and green building, building economy, engineering survey, bridge structure, water supply and drainage, ancient architecture, urban regulationPlanning, equipment installation, village construction, road engineering, municipal engineering, underground space ecological development, construction machinery, dynamic sculpture and urban landscape, engineering testing and monitoring, formwork scaffolding and other 30 professional committees,Architects, construction engineering quality and safety, environmental art design, construction engineering steel structure and other 4 branchesAcademic, organization, science popularization, consulting, housing and real estate, youth, chief engineer, architectural photography technology, education, BIM technology, medical and pension construction and other 11 working committees。The association currently has 97 unit members and 1243 individual members (statistics 2020).10)。

Shaanxi Civil and Architectural Society is an academic social organization and non-profit social organization voluntarily established by enterprises and institutions and civil and architectural science and technology workers engaged in the investigation, design, construction supervision, scientific research and teaching of civil and architectural engineering construction in Shaanxi Province。

The purpose of the Association is: to abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies;We will pursue innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development,Unite and organize the broad masses of civil construction science and technology workers in our province,Around the center,Truth-seeking and pragmatic,To promote the prosperity and development of civil construction science and technology in our province;Promote the popularization and promotion of civil construction science and technology;Promote the growth and improvement of civil and construction technology talents。

The business scope of the association is: (1) actively carry out academic exchanges at home and abroad, organize the discussion and academic investigation of key academic topics, active academic thought, promote the development of disciplines, and promote independent innovation;To organize and carry out scientific and technological information dissemination, scientific and technological achievements and products exhibition activities。(2) Organize and implement the selection and commendation of Shaanxi Civil Engineering Science and Technology Award。(3) Carry forward the scientific spirit, popularize the knowledge of civil and architectural science and technology, disseminate scientific ideas, promote advanced technology, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, carry out continuing education, promote knowledge updating, organize technical training, and improve the scientific quality of the whole people。(4) Actively contribute ideas and provide consulting services to major topics and development plans related to construction science and technology and economic construction in the province, and accept the task of scientific and technological project evaluation, achievement appraisal, scientific and technological literature editing and review and participate in the formulation of technical standards, professional and technical title review and certification。(5) Entrusted by the relevant units, organize the collection and selection of excellent design schemes and quality project evaluation。(6) To organize and carry out the selection of outstanding academic papers, and organize and carry out the selection of outstanding graduation designs for civil engineering and architecture majors in colleges and universities。(7) To edit and publish popular science publications, and to distribute scientific and technological journals, proceedings and scientific and technological materials。(8) Reflect the suggestions, opinions and demands of scientific and technological workers, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of scientific and technological workers。(9) Recommend scientific and technological talents, commend and reward scientific and technological workers who have achieved excellent results or made important contributions in scientific and technological activities。(10) Assist enterprises to carry out technological innovation (11) set up scientific and technological entities and social public welfare undertakings, and provide funding sources for the activities of the society。

The main activities of the society include four aspects: academic activities, popular science activities, organizational construction and scientific and technological services。In recent years, all the work of the Association has made new progress and obvious results, and many of the work results are in the advanced ranks of the National Association for Science and Technology system。Over the years, the Association has been rated as a "four-star" (the highest level) advanced society by Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Association for many times。It has been awarded the honorable title of "five-star" advanced society by the Provincial Association for Science and Technology。多次被Chinese Society of Civil Engineering和中国建筑学会评为先进学会; 2011,In 2016, the Association won the honorable title of "Advanced Collective of the National Association for Science and Technology System" jointly issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the China Association for Science and Technology.In April 2017,Won the Provincial Science and Technology Association Year "Excellent Science and Technology Association for Innovation and Service Ability Improvement Project"。